iColor 500 CMYK (FW)

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Product Description

A unique and a low-cost digital technology for short-run apparel, textiles and media transfer print production…

• Print and Transfer onto:
• Natural and synthetic fabrics
• Dark and light fabrics
• Beer, wine and juice bottles
• White, colored or clear labels
• Leather
• Dark and light paper stock
• Create unique items – The possibilities are endless!
• Tshirts and sweatshirts
• Aprons
• Dark restaurant menus with white print
• Corporate logo shirts
• Mouse pads
• Sports apparel
• Jackets
• Tote bags
• Signs with coloured, white or fluorescent print

UniNet and CMYK presents the revolutionary iColor® 500 Apparel Plus Printer, featuring full colour, white and fluorescent toners combined with TRUE black printing. A unique and low cost digital technology for short to mid run apparel, garments, cards, envelopes and other media and surfaces.
The iColor® 500 printer features LED technology and low temperature fusing. This allows the user to transfer images onto delicate synthetics without damage to the fabric when used with the iColor® premium transfer paper.

iColor® 500 Printer Integrated Solution

The iColor® 500 enables users to create exceptional apparel such as T-shirts, logo shirts, sweatshirts, jackets, aprons, tote bags and more. Apply to both light and dark fabrics when combined with our premium heat transfer paper.

Make signs, menus, labels, invitations, envelopes, etc. with vivid colors, bright whites, glowing fluorescents, and true blacks.

The iColor® 500 Apparel Plus Label Printers comes complete with 4 toner cartridges for full color and black printing (CMYK), as well as our exclusive white printing kit (toner and drum combination). Just quickly swap the black for white when you want to add white effects. Black can then be produced using composite black (made from CMY), or if true black and white is needed at the same time, just pass the print though the printer a second time. Our registration system will ensure the prints are lined up perfectly.

Upgrade your iColor® 500 down the road with our optional Fluorescent kit! Takes only 5 minutes and can easily be transformed back to the original configuration for standard CMYKW printing.

iColor® 500 Printer Benefits & Advantages

  • The lowest cost, toner-based, heat-transfer solution for full-color, fluorescent and white printing!
  • iColor®’s unique white printing technology to produce white text and graphics on dark colored paper
  • Single pass 4 color LED print technology
  • First to market fluorescent colors for unique glow in the dark effects using black (UV) light.
  • No need to outsource or turn away small jobs.
  • Eliminate set up charges.
  • Eliminate the need to hire a third party print shop to obtain high quality white printing or graphics.
  • Easy production of short to mid run repeat orders.
  • Computer generated images allow for easy production of short run repeat orders and changes on the fly!
  • Print complex designs in full color with photographic quality easily and accurately in the highest resolution possible.
  • Enhance and complement screen printing designs with personalized details, eliminating the need to stock individual letters, numbers, symbols or logos.
  • No need to purchase a second heat press – save time, money and space.
  • No damage to delicate fabrics!
  • Best durability – over 100 wash cycles.
  • Mac & PC compatible.
  • Simple, clean weedless iColor® premium transfer paper
  • Printing is as easy as Print, Press and Pull!