iColor 700 Digital Label Press

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Product Description

The Power To Do More In Less Time – A unique Desktop Digital Press solution for short to mid run label production!

It’s never been easier to go digital. The dynamics of the label and packaging industry are evolving and UniNet is changing the rules with the iColor 700 Desktop Digital Label Press. Customer’s demands are turning to shorter runs, faster turnaround and greater variety in their labels, branding and packaging. Users can efficiently print as few as 20 labels or as many as they can fit on a roll in minutes rather than hours, eliminating lengthy lead times.

The iColor® 700 is a Desktop Digital Label Press solution, printing at speeds of up to 9.14 meters/minute on a variety of die-cut, kiss-cut or continuous roll substrates. This innovative label press is easy to operate, so you can say goodbye to outsourcing and storing large quantities of labels that end up becoming unusable if any changes need to made. Designed for in-house production, users are capable of printing 2,000 full colour labels in less than 20 minutes, with a finished roll ready for immediate application.

Print on pre die-cut media with the iColor® patented auto-registration system. This exclusive new technology keeps labels in position from beginning to end, resulting in consistent quality without the need to constantly monitor printing.

Exclusive to the iColor® series of printers is available WHITE printing, allowing the user to print vibrant white with full colour on clear and dark media. Save toner with the ability to print white messages and designs onto dark labels and backgrounds. Printing on a wide variety of media is a cinch, including gloss and matte finishes, foils, vinyl, and black or dark media.

The iColor® 700 is ideal for printing full colour GHS BS5609-compliant chemical and drum labels on demand. Die-cut labels printed on the iColor® 700 deliver outstanding stability and resistance to water, chemicals, fading and smudges when exposed to the harshest of elements.
Using the iColor 700, you will help your packaging and brand stand apart from the others and receive the competitive edge it deserves .

The versatility of substrates capable of running on the iColor 700 allows for a more diverse product offering and further differentiation from competitors products.

When your product is competing with hundreds of others for a customer’s attention, everything is hinging on the overall visual appeal in order to stand out from the rest.

iColor 700 Features and Benefits

  • Patented system to print die-cut labels with auto-registration system that keeps the label in position from the beginning to end of run
  • Ability to print in WHITE with optional white toner package
  • Print speeds of up to 30 feet/min – Capable of up to 2000 labels in 20 minutes
  • Use files from any graphics program. Just convert your file to a CMYK PDF and you’re ready to print!
  • EZ quote software to quickly compute costs: Load the label pdf and media to use and instantly have the cost per label so you can quote your customers
  • Easy access service bays for cartridge and components replacement and servicing
  • Ideal for short to mid-range runs
  • Lowest fusing temperature on the market today
  • Quick modifications can be made on the fly
  • No setup / plate charges
  • Vibrant Full color labels (outsourced labels are more expensive as you add colors and tend to be bland)
  • Consistent Quality (Delta E) throughout the print job
  • No minimum runs
  • High productivity with nesting print feature
  • No need for professional technicians – Save time and money
  • GHS BS5609 certified (Sections 1, 2, and 3)
  • Decreased waste – No need to stock pre-printed labels
  • Minimize proofing / prototyping time
  • Control customizations in house
  • Revitalize product image easily
  • Print on a variety of media like PET, Wood Veneer, Foils, Tag stock, Matte, Semi Gloss, High Gloss, etc.
  • Ideal for industries such as: chemical, specialty foods, beer and wine, coffee and tea, cosmetics, private labels and more!
  • Just in time printing – No shipping delays because of not having labels in stock
  • Reduce inventory