What is so unique about the iColor 500 & 600 Digital Media Transfer systems?

What is so unique about the iColor 500 & 600 Digital Media Transfer systems?

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iColor® 600 & 500 LED Toner-Based Digital Transfer Media Printers offer several unique advantages:

  • These transfer media printers come standard with five toner cartridges for printing in full color and white (CMYW plus Black). The black cartridge kit (cartridge and drum unit) is included with both printers, which allows switching to CMYK mode to print items such as brochures and menus when white is not needed.
  • The ability to print white as an underprint AND an overprint in the same machine, in one pass, using the iColor TransferRIP software (known as ‘A’ and ‘B’ configurations).
  • The white opacity of UniNet’s Absolute White Toner offers is incomparable that of any other brand. It provides the brightest whites and solid background to produce consistent, vibrant and crisp images for a wide variety of printing applications.
  • Optionally available fluorescent colors, clear, and security toners
  • Lowest cost and most flexible machine available
  • No maintenance associated with ink-based machine is necessary. The iColor Digital Transfer Media Printers are all toner-based systems.
  • And much more…

The iColor® Digital Color + White Transfer Media Printers are businesses in a box! Create unique apparel quickly and easily.

Print on black, dark and clear media in vibrant, colors + white. Imagine having a professional print shop on your desktop and

being able to create branding and merchandising materials, digital garment decoration and much more right at your fingertips…

that is what the Digital Transfer Media Printers will bring to your business. The possibilities are endless!!!